Dustin Diamond is the only actor to appear in every Saved by the Bell episode, as well as the spin-offs and all the movies.

AC Slater’s first name obviously wasn’t AC. It was revealed to be Albert Clifford.

Mr. Belding’s first name is Richard, but he’s often called Dick in several episodes. His brother appears as a substitute in an episode and his name is Rod. Their parents named them Dick and Rod.

There are more episodes of Saved by the Bell: The New Class than there are episodes of the original Saved by the Bell and Saved by the Bell: The College Years combined.

The show was actually nominated for an Emmy in 1992. Was it for acting? Directing? Best show? No. It was for outstanding achievement in lighting direction.

We never get to see Screech’s dad or Slater’s mom throughout the entire series.

Peter Engel wrote a musical of Saved by the Bell that was, unfortunately, never brought to life.

Jaleel White, also known as Steve Urkel, auditioned for a part on Saved by the Bell, but was never used onscreen.

Kathy Ireland was originally cast as Jennifer, the nurse that Zack falls in love with, but was replaced because her acting wasn’t up to par.

Scott Wolf, who became a huge star in Party of Five, appeared in the background on numerous Saved by the Bell episodes.

The girl that Slater rescues when she pretends to drown during the last Malibu Sands episode is actually Denise Richards.

Zack’s hair wasn’t actually blonde so he had to dye it every two weeks during filming.

The Saved by the Bell set wasn’t torn down after the series wrapped. Instead it has been used in other shows such as That’s So Raven and iCarly.