1. Being a fire hazard and burning something every single time you attempt to cook. God forbid you try to make two things at once, which ensures that the quality of both things will suffer tremendously.

2. Walking into a room and completely forgetting what you went in there for.

3. People consider you a terrible texter because if you don’t respond immediately you’ll forget about it for several hours, or possibly an eternity.

4. Looking for your glasses that are on your head, looking for your phone in the dark using the light from your phone, and searching for your keys that you’re literally holding.

5. Watching a movie and when people discuss it afterwards, your catchphrase is always “I don’t remember that part.”

6. Daydreaming about something pleasant in public and realizing you have a full blown, goofy smile on your face.

7. As soon as you comfortably sit back down, remembering what it was that you’d walked into the room for, so now you have to get back up.

8. When amongst a group conversation, you’ll often sit there and miss a large fraction of the discussion because your brain is thinking about other random things like what you want for breakfast tomorrow, or if there truly is a proper way to fold fitted sheets.

9. Having to actually turn off or mute the TV and work in complete silence if you want to be productive.

10. Having to turn down the radio when you’re trying to pay attention to directions because you can’t have noisy music and be a compass.

11. Your browser is a mess of windows and tabs because you’re constantly getting sidetracked and clicking on everything that catches your eye.

12. There are countless movies and episodes of TV shows that you’ve partially seen because once that commercial break came, you wound up doing or watching something different.

13. Trying to get work done in public places isn’t going to happen, because even an ordinary passersby can push your brain down a slippery slope of snowballing thoughts.

14. You arrive at places, whether websites or thoughts, and you have no idea how you got there. How did you make your way to that weird Twitter account? You were writing a minute ago, now you’re fantasizing about pasta – how? 

15. When reading books, you catch yourself not paying attention to paragraphs and even pages that you’ve mindlessly scanned through but didn’t comprehend, so you have to go back and reread them.

16. If a YouTube video is any longer than 1-2 minutes, watching it is just out of the question.

17. Nodding, smiling and saying “mmhmm” every few moments when someone is talking for a long time, only to have them ask a follow up question that you can’t answer, like, “What do you think about it?”