This is a mugshot of Sarah Wulchak. This image was taken September 11 2003, when she was only 22.

This was her just shy of two years after her first arrest.

Here she is looking pretty different than her first arrest just four years earlier.

Just a year later she was looking like a completely different person.

Most women change their looks in the span of a few years, but she is almost unrecognizable here.

This was in 2010 when she was arrested six times!

Here she is just seven years after her first arrest. She looks much older than 29 as a result of all the drugs, drinking and hard living she had exposed herself to.

This is her mugshot from June 25, 2013. In her long list of arrest records, she’s been charged with grand theft four times, she’s been arrested for trespass after warning and she’s been arrested for aggravated battery.

Here she is on December 5, 2013. Today, many of her charges are still pending.

It is clear that she has been addicted to heavy drugs, including meth. Most of her arrests have been for misdemeanors like stealing or being under the influence in public, however she is known for being violent. Only time will tell what’s in store for her in the long term.