Peppermint Soap
I know what you’re thinking: holy crap I can’t make soap. But you can. This project from Martha Stewart only requires three ingredients and a general idea of how a stove works. And look how pretty! View the tutorial.

Instant Mocha Mix Test Tubes
Mix seven simple ingredients together to create a delicious ‘instant mocha mix’ that will add a warm touch of sweetness to any winter morning. This project from Something Turquoise even includes free printable labels! View the tutorial.

Polaroid Magnets
With just a few simple steps, you can transform your favorite pictures into fun-sized Polaroid magnets! Choose the best pics from your friends’ Instagram feeds for personalized joy. View the tutorial.

Upcycled Map Coasters
This easy DIY project is a fun way to celebrate places you’ve been or places you’d like to go. And it only costs about $1 per coaster! View the tutorial.

Playing Card Battery Charger

Coffee Cup Candle
Don’t throw away that Starbucks cup! Use it (and the grounds from your morning cuppa) to make this delicious-smelling candle instead. View the tutorial.

’52 Reasons I Love You’ Booklet
Perfect for kids, parents, and significant others, this booklet lets you put your heart on a playing card. View the tutorial.

Hot Chocolate Stir-In Spoons
If you can hold a spoon you’ve got all the skills needed for this adorable (and delicious!) DIY project. View the tutorial.

Recycled T-Shirt Pet Toys
We’ve all got at least one pet lover (or let’s face it, a pet) on our list! Bring a smile to their furry face with these easy to make pet toys, and get rid of some of your old t-shirts in the process. View Dog Toy Tutorial or Cat Toy Tutorial.

Picture Magnets
This DIY project is a great way to recycle last year’s holiday cards, magazines, or even old snapshots. View the tutorial.

DIY Cufflinks
LEGO, guitar pics, Monopoly pieces, coins–if it can be glued onto a backing, it can be made into a pair of cufflinks they’ll treasure forever. View the tutorial.

Flavored Salt Blends
Perfect for the amateur chef in your life, these custom salt blends are easy to make but oh-so-elegant. View the tutorial.

DIY Zen Garden
OK so this one is a little big for a stocking, but it was too cool not to include. And it only costs about $6 to make! View the tutorial.

Candy Cane Body Scrub
It’s rare that something is decadent and cost-effective at the same time, but this homemade body scrub fits the bill. It’s also free of all those nasty chemicals that come in many commercial beauty products! View the tutorial.

Vinyl Record Bowl
This rockin’ retro gift is perfect for music loving friends and only takes about 20 minutes to melt–err–make. View the tutorial.

Homemade Holiday Chai Tea Bags
You can make all kinds of homemade tea bags, but we especially loved the spicy-festiveness of these Chai Tea mixes. View the tutorial.

Wine-Cork Key Ring
You can never have too many key chains in your life. Or too much wine. And it floats! View the tutorial.

Reusable Sandwich Baggies
OK so this one requires a tiny bit of sewing BUT the payoff is huge. Just look how cute they are! And they’ll help eliminate a big source of plastic waste from a friend’s life. View the tutorial.

Coffee Cup Sleeve
Help your hot-beverage-loving friends avoid those wasteful paper cup sleeves by giving them this reusable felt cozy instead! View the tutorial.

Soothing Lip Balm
Winter = dry lips. Show those chapped kissers some love with this 6-ingredient lip balm recipe. Printable labels included! View the tutorial.

Perpetual Desk Calendar
This useful DIY project can be made using old toy blocks or new wooden ones you purchase at a craft store. Either way, it’s a gift that will keep on giving. View the tutorial.

Edible Playdough
Non-toxic and gluten-free, this brightly colored playdough recipe requires no baking. It’s meant for kids but let’s be serious: I know a few adults that would LOVE to find this in their stocking. View the tutorial.

Reusable Shopping Bag
This is another one that requires a wee bit of sewing, but the results are gorgeous and practical. (In case you couldn’t tell, it’s made from an upcycled pillowcase!) View the tutorial.

4-Ingredient Christmas Coal Candy
This easy-to-make treat will look perfect in a little burlap bag, tied up with a red ribbon and a ‘naughty’ tag. View the tutorial.

Ouchless Hair Ties
Ladies of all ages will sing your praises when they find these awesome hair accessories in their stocking. View the tutorial.

DIY Seed Bombs
It may be cold right now but Spring WILL come again! Your friends will be ready to help it along with these earth-friendly seed bombs. All they need is a bag and a ribbon! View the tutorial.

Holiday Wine Bottle Stoppers
Wine-loving friends will get a kick out of these festive toppers, and it costs less than $10 to make an entire set! View the tutorial.

Roll-Away Checkerboard Set
Easy to make and even easier to pack,  this DIY checkerboard will keep everyone occupied no matter where they road takes them. BONUS! The pieces are bottle caps. View the tutorial.

Custom-Blended Grill Rubs
These yummy grill rub sets are perfect for friends who love to BBQ! And you can put them together in a snap. View the tutorial.

DIY Terrarium Ornament
When the entire world is a cold, white wasteland, this spot of green will cheer everyone up! View the tutorial.

Outdoor Drink Holder
Yes, this project does require the use of a couple washers and bolts, but I promise you can do it. And then your friends will never have to rest their beer on the ground again. View the tutorial.

3-Ingredient Bubble Mix
Everyone–I repeat–everyone loves bubbles. This DIY mix will perform better than the stuff you buy at the store, and it’s super cheap to make! Just bottle up and top with a bow. View the tutorial.

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream
Not only is this homemade shaving cream easy to make and luxuriously thick, it’s also completely free of any funky toxic ingredients! Perfect for your guys and gals. View the tutorial.

Recipe Ring
This easy project will ensure family favorite recipes are saved for posterity–and we love how it’s connected to a utensil! View the tutorial.

No-Sew Can Koozie 
Keep hands dry and cans dry with these colorful koozies that can be whipped up in 20 minutes or less! View the tutorial.