It seemed like Avril Lavigne already knew her video for “Hello Kitty” was going to be so controversial that she had to bid adieu to music and the limelight while filming it.

That kid is totally adorable even with the terrible hair, but his parent’s really should take him to see an actual barber – money can’t be that tight.

The old saying about there being no stupid questions was just disproved.

You were truthful about the first part about how you were looking for cute spotted puppies… What you failed to mention next was that you lingered for five more hours to watch more half naked Korean vids.

Before the comments rolled in about the blatant waste of food, they probably thought this was an excellent idea.

No matter what Aaron Paul does for future work, he will never stop being reminded of his excellent portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. “Gatorade me b***h!”

That joke is awesome. Let’s hope that’s all it is – just a clever joke. At any rate, if you ever see a shady character in a trench coat during a visit to the library, get out of there as quick as you can.