Marriages are deemed to be the most trustworthy relations among the other relations we have in life; however, sometimes the relation of marriage may turn as the most shattering relation in the world as well. Same thing happened to the poor husband who left his wife at home for 20 days and was on a vacation somewhere, on coming back he figured out something suspicious at his home.

These 20 days vacations were the most pathetic vacations of the life of this man and on coming back he had no choice than to divorce his wife. The reason for this Tragic divorce was nothing more than the broken trust, and the wife broke the trust of her husband by cheating on him. Well, now you must be wondering how the husband figured out that the wife has been cheated all the way, have a deep look at the picture. Did you notice something? If yes, it is great and if no, look at the side of the bed, the corner features an eye. Yes, that eye is nothing more than the eye of the wife’s boyfriend that has alarmed the situation unveiling her extra marital affair.

Wife despite of being highly intelligent in terms of hiding her boyfriend ignored the intelligence of her husband who identified the reality just with a little closer inspection of the house. Well, the happy couple ended up with the divorce. Such insanely suspicious tragedies take away the trust of the people of the marriages and lead to trusting issues among the couple.

This tiny eye which must have not been much obvious to everyone in the picture decided the fate of the relation between the young couple and ended it up. Cheating on is something completely wrong and shatters the other person and the same happened with the poor husband when he was away on a vacation.